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How we do it

Shelterbelt Solutions uses skid steer loaders with attachments that are specifically designed for tree removal. Our experienced operators take out trees large or small quickly and completely.

Farmstead and ranch windbreaks are a very valuable asset to the people who live and work in the country. They arenít just for looks you know! For example, a windbreak may have several rows of trees and included is a row of Chinese Elms that have died and are falling into the remaining good trees. We can go in with our equipment and selectively take out the row of dead trees without damage to the remaining trees. Not only do we improve the looks of the property but we also have saved the remaining trees from further damage.

Sometimes it is an inside row that we are asked to remove because the trees are falling into the yard, on top of propane tanks, onto machinery and fences or out buildings. Our extremely maneuverable equipment with special attachments can accomplish the task where other equipment normally considered for the task just couldnít do it without damaging many trees that should remain.


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