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Most shelterbelt removal or renovation projects cannot be done with large excavating equipment and achieve acceptable results. Most excavating companies are not into trees. We are not an excavating company. We are a tree company, we like trees and we just want to provide a better method for removing unwanted trees. Professional tree care companies with bucket trucks, chain saws and chippers could do it but it would be very expensive.

Why would I hire you rather than an excavating company?

Bullldozers were designed to push dirt! Wheel loaders were designed to lift dirt! Track hoes were designed to dig dirt! Our equipment is specifically designed for the proper removal and handling of small and large trees. We have experienced the use of bulldozers for shelterbelt removal on our own land. We had our first shelterbelt removed by a bulldozer about 30 years ago. After the tree piles were burned we hired the dozer to come back and bury them. 30 years later it is still evident. What started out as a mound is now a depression and the black dirt is probably at the bottom because it sure isnít on the top! The top is clay and stones where not much grows.

We had another shelterbelt taken out about 5 years ago by a dozer. There were endless sticks and roots to pick and when we thought we were done picking sticks we brought out the disc only to find more that had been ground into the dirt by the dozer. We left the piles to dry for a couple years and tried to burn them, dirt doesnít burn! The center of the pile burned but the perimeter with the stumps and debris buried in dirt didnít burn.


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